Company Profile

Ensscom is a health safety and wellness solution provider for workplaces in Singapore. Ensscom collaborates with exceptional, research-driven brands with global presence and expertise to provide innovation products to the market.  The brands include Sqwincher, Ergodyne, Plymoth, Cirrus, Skyscan and Sensear etc.
Sqwincher is a great tasting, electrolyte enhanced beverage and has been hydrating workers exposed to tough and demanding conditions for decades in USA and Australia. Through this web portal,, we would like to share our experience in hydrating workers in the industrial workplaces to the individuals who have been involved in sports and strenuous indoor / outdoor activities and are in need of more hydration choices to maintain a personal balanced nutritional hydration program. The different delivery formats available in Sqwincher product range provides more options for individuals who have different lifestyle needs and there is a healthier choice in our Zero Sugar option “Sqwincher Qwik Stiks”.


Ergodyne is a global name in quality safety products and offers highly innovative products for Cooling PPEs & Shelters, Storage, Objects Drop Prevention Tools Safety Lanyards and Workplace Ergonomics solutions. Often the cooling products from Ergodyne, such as the popular Chill it towel #6602 often provides extra cooling comfort to individuals under hot weather conditions and complements a hydration program to prevent heat injuries such as heat stroke or heat fatigue.

Plymoth has a wide range of portable to centralized dust and fume extraction solutions for workplaces in automotive, manufacturing, and aerospace industry.

Cirrus Research is a UK manufacturer for sound level meters use by occupational safety specialists and industry like construction industry for environment monitoring.

Skyscan is world’s leader in Lightning Detection Systems since 1999 suitable for outdoor sports activities, as well as industries working outdoors which is prone to lightning risks.

Sensear is global leader in developing and manufacturing digital communication headsets which sets itself apart from its competitors by delivering a low noise communication experience in high noise environments and providing real solutions to communication challenges in hostile environment.

In addition of the above products, Ensscom also provide services such as wireless noise monitoring and other products such as acoustic curtain / panels and safety PPEs.

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